Month: July 2019


In summer camp in the second week, we learned three ancient poems, sanzi sutra, tongue twisters and so on. Many children's performance was beyond the imagination of the teacher, getting better and better day by day. Every day before class, we will do a meditation to calm the children's mind, which can help them learn [...]

Guqin Lesson

Guqin Lesson Lessons taught by Master Zhang-Jian, a 7th generation master of Shu School of Guqin Tuition: $80/month (Beginner) Guqin Price: Beginner: $550,Intermediate I: $1980,Intermediate II: $2980 Advanced I: $4980,Advanced II: $9980,Professional: $29800 All guqins are hand made by Master Zhang-­Jian. Students who purchase the Professional Guqin can automatically become a lifelong disciple of Master [...]