Traditional Chinese Virtues Education (Free Class)

Learning Chinese to Re-establish Your Roots or Learn a New Language

Our Classical Chinese class emphasizes on learning the values of being a good person. It is our belief that learning moral principles and virtues first is is an important way to pave the foundation in learning any other subject. With this kind of foundation, the students will come to understand their role as students and learn how to pay attention in every class. They will challenge themselves when they are faced with difficult tasks in class rather than avoiding them or ignoring them.

In every class, we will introduce the teachings of Confucius and help students apply it to today’s world. For example, Confucius taught how to be dutiful to our parents, teachers, and elders. A child will grow up not respecting anyone if he does not know what it means to be dutiful to parents and respectful to teachers. When a child is able to clearly differentiate between right and wrong behavior, they will know their responsibilities as students—to respect teachers and focus in class. It is our hope that we can first help students to become good human beings that contribute to society; then, we believe they will have the determination to achieve whatever they dream of.