Guqin Lesson

Guqin Lesson

Lessons taught by Master Zhang-Jian, a 7th generation master of Shu School of Guqin

Tuition: $80/month (Beginner)
Guqin Price: Beginner: $550,Intermediate I: $1980,Intermediate II: $2980
Advanced I: $4980,Advanced II: $9980,Professional: $29800

All guqins are hand made by Master Zhang-­Jian. Students who purchase the Professional Guqin can automatically become a lifelong disciple of Master Zhang-­Jian, and all subsequent classes will be tuition free.

Registration & Lesson Location:
Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center
9310 S Eastern Ave, Suite 123, Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 570-­‐5120

Lesson Time:
2 Days/ month (check with our school for class schedule)
Saturday 4PM – 6PM
Sunday 8AM– 10AM

Because of the long distance, Master Zhang-Jian will only travel from Los Angeles to teach for two days each month. In order to enable students to take advantage of these two precious days to study quqin in depth, students must take classes for two consecutive days.