2023 Spring Semester Chinese Class

2023 Spring Semester Chinese class starts next week! Call 702-570-5120 to register! Monday and Wednesday at 5:30PM-6:30PM Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30PM-6:45PM Saturday 9:00AM-12:00PM Adult class Wednesday at 6:30PM-7:30PM

Registration 2022 Winter Camp

Dear parents, students, and friends, Check out our 2022 Winter Camp. Registration is still open! Call 702-570-5120 in you need more info. Thank you!

Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy and Tai Chi

中國書法與太極入門 Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy and Tai Chi 8 weeks: March 5 - April 23, 2020 $200 (Calligraphy ONLY) 書法 $320 (Calligraphy + Tai Chi) 書法 + 太極 Tuition includes $40 material fees for Calligraphy 学费包括$40 的书法材料费 Chinese calligraphy is a form of visual art that is highly regarded since ancient time. Chinese calligraphy is [...]

Spirit of Shaolin – Green Valley Library Program on May 23

Spirit of Shaolin Get a glimpse into Chinese culture, and learn the true spirit of kung fu, which is self-discipline, tolerance and compassion towards others. Plus Chinese calligraphy, tai chi, martial arts, and more! Also hear traditional music created with the guqin, an ancient Chinese musical instrument. All ages welcome! This program is part of [...]