Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center 2018 Summer Camp

May 28 – June 29, 2018


Shaolin Kung Fu
Tai Chi
Chinese Calligraphy
Special Weapons Training in Nanchucks, Double Daggers, Three-section Staff, Whip Chain, Pudao and Spear

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm

Our 4th annual summer camp starts on May 28th. Space is limited to 20 students only! Daily drop-ins is $50. In accordance to our school philosophy, our summer camp promotes activities that will strengthen both the body and mind. Students will be intensively trained in Shaolin Kung fu, Tai Chi, Classical and modern Chinese, calligraphy, and meditation. Master Chang Yuan, a 35th generation Kung fu master from the Shaolin Temple in China, will personally coach the martial arts classes! This summer, let your kids discover the joy of learning by immersing them in the wisdom of an ancient culture that will continue to guide them in their everyday lives.

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