4D3N Natural Medical Retreat May 10 – 13, 2024

Medical retreat 2024

4D3N Natural Medical Retreat
Regain Health by Redesigning Mind & Body through Meditation and Tai Chi

Chronic Pain | Body Reshape | Sleep Improvement | Mental Improvement | Skin Rejuvenation | Blood Pressure Management

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Medical retreat 2024

Our physicians and instructors during the retreat:

Dr. Sophia Wu

Sophia Wu, MD, is a neurologist and neuroscientist who is leading quantum mechanics-based consciousness basic research, serves as director in the rejuvenating health center of Pureland Dzogchen Buddhism Foundation in Virginia. She was trained as a neurologist and neuroscientist at Cleveland Clinic, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and the Kessler Foundation, and has previously participated in NIH-
funded research projects focusing on understanding mechanisms of dementia. Dr. Wu serves virtue visits by applying love, forgiveness, and gratitude therapy to patients with various chronic diseases. Modern quantum physics indicates that particles, including those in human brains and hearts become entangled with each other no matter how far they are separated. So far, that work has led to 4 significant publications in the journals of Nature Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Aging, Anesthesiology, and Molecular Neurobiology, that help explain the mechanisms of dementia.

Dr. Wu is a certified meditation trainer and therapist with 11 years of experience in teaching and practicing love-based meditation (LBM). By adopting LBM, she has successfully treated chronic pain, anxiety, depression, AV block, dysautonomia and delirium. Dr. Wu is also a dedicated Buddhist who has studied inter-faith philosophy for 12 years and has worked tirelessly to spread the core of faith – love.

The therapy program description:

  • We treat everyone as a unique individual. What we manage is the human rather than the symptoms.
  • We tailor the meditation specific to your own needs.
  • Everyone is welcome to join our program!
Shifu Chang Yuan

Shifu Chang Yuan is a 35th generation Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts master from the Songshan Shaolin Temple in the Henan Province of China. He received training at the Songshan Shaolin Temple and Chen Zhenglei Taiji School in Zhengzhou, China. He has taught and performed internationally, including in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and Russia. Shifu ChangYuan is a direct disciple of Chen style tai chi Grandmaster Chen ZhengLei, one of the ten best martial artists in China. Shifu Chang Yuan has been using tai chi to show ways to find balance between physical and emotional peace. It is a path for one to find ways to relax and calm down in this fast-paced world. When internal harmony is found, one will start to truly live his life in contentment. He emphasizes on using tai chi as a bridge to establish relationships with oneself and other people, and to spread compassion and help other people.
Shifu Chang Yuan has established his own school, Shaolin Tai Chi Heritage Center, in Las Vegas. He has also conducted many Tai Chi workshops for various institutions, corporate companies, and public schools. He teaches tai chi forms with the emphasis of how to live a Tai Chi lifestyle—a stress-free lifestyle with confidence, inner peace, and focus. He combines the philosophies of Shaolin, Tai Chi, Buddhism and Confucius into his teaching to help his students to achieve a life free of depression, anxiety, pain, and diseases. Shifu Chang Yuan continues to pursue his beliefs in serving the community and dedicating
himself to helping others by conducting meditation sessions at his center every evening on the weekdays.

The healing power of Guqin Music
  • Guqin is the oldest string instrument in China. It has existed for over 3,000 years and represents China’s foremost solo musical instrument tradition. Described in early literary sources and corroborated by archaeological finds, this ancient instrument is inseparable from Chinese intellectual history.! Guqin was one of the four arts – along with calligraphy, painting, and an ancient form of chess (go) – that Chinese scholars were expected to master. In 2008, UNESCO proclaimed guqin music as an intangible heritage.
  • Guqin has three basic types of sounds that are known as open string, harmonic, and sliding sounds. The three sounds represent earth, heaven, and humans. They represent the harmonious coexistence of humans and the universe.!!
  • Guqin music has been used to cure diseases. Each one of the five pentatonic pitches (gong, shang, jue, zhi and yu) on the guqin is believed to correlate with five meridian energy centers of five major human organs—the spleen, lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys.