Shifu Chang Yuan

Shaolin Master of Songshan Shaolin Temple in China

Shifu Chang Yuan is a 35th generation Shaolin Kung Fu master. He is originally from Shandong Province, China. At age twelve, he left his hometown to study martial arts at the Shaolin Temple, where he later studied under the guidance of Master Shi Guo Song.

As per Chinese tradition, Shifu Chang Yuan holds at heart great respect for his teacher and has followed Master Shi Guo Song’s teachings from martial arts to the etiquette of everyday life.

Shifu Chang Yuan believes that practicing Shaolin Kung Fu is a way to find balance between physical and emotional peace. It is a way for one to find ways to relax and calm down in this fast-paced world.

When internal harmony is found, one will start to truly live his life in contentment. Shifu Chang Yuan emphasizes on using martial arts as a bridge to establish relationships with oneself and other people. Martial arts is not a way to make enemies, but to spread compassion and help other people.

Shifu Chang Yuan continues to pursue his beliefs in serving the community and dedicating himself to helping others. In 2011, Shifu Chang Yuan came to Las Vegas under the invitation of his kung fu brother, Xing Wei. Since then, he has worked diligently to combine the wisdom of Shaolin, Tai Chi, and Confucius into his philosophy of teaching.