Shi Chang Yuan and the Shaolin Cultural Center are featured in an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal!

Shaolin Tai Chi Heritage Center

Chinese martial arts teacher seeks to aid students in finding peace.

SHAOLIN CENTERFive children in blue uniforms run around the room at the Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center, practicing their poses and punches before class. At the instruction of Shifu Chang Yuan, they race to the center of the room and sit cross-legged to begin meditating. “Because little kids don’t have life experience, Shifu Yuan must set a good example,” said instructor BeeLee Young. “He’s strict, but they know he cares about them so much.” Shifu is the Chinese title for teacher.

Yuan and his staff offer tai chi, kung fu, meditation and Chinese cultural classes at the center, 9310 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 123, which opened last June. His goal is to help the public find peace.

You can read the rest of this article at the Review Journal website by clicking here.