In summer camp in the second week, we learned three ancient poems, sanzi sutra, tongue twisters and so on. Many children’s performance was beyond the imagination of the teacher, getting better and better day by day. Every day before class, we will do a meditation to calm the children’s mind, which can help them learn better. Then we will review the previous day’s lessons, so that the children can constantly consolidate what they have learned. The content of Chinese class is different every day. We will tell the children about Chinese culture. For example, this week we talked about the four great classics and four great inventions to stimulate the children’s interest in Chinese culture. Wednesday’s tongue twister makes learning Chinese more fun. Every week we learn a new tongue twister. In the course of etiquette, we told children:

1. Don’t waste food, cherish food;

2. Say hello to elders when you see them;

 In this two weeks, we made a three-dimensional zoo and a lovely lion with the theme of animals. The three-dimensional zoo asks children to use their imagination, paint colorful colors and cut them out to make three-dimensional animals. Cute little lion is to exercise children’s ability to use their hands and minds, even the color collocation, are chosen by the children themselves. The children are very happy with their works.

Calligraphy class for children is the most challenging course, we start from copying, slowly guide the children, the first is the teacher’s explanation, demonstration, and then the children try, the teacher’s hand to hand guidance. For children, it is easy to move, but difficult to calm down. Calligraphy is the best way for children to calm down. Learning calligraphy to inherit and carry forward traditional national culture is also the carrier of quality education. Through learning calligraphy, students can improve their comprehensive quality and ability, cultivate earnest and meticulous work style, hard and tenacious will and elegant optimism and taste, so as to achieve the purpose of inspiring wisdom, cultivating fine morality and pursuing perfection.

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