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Shifu Yuan Demonstrating Tai Chi, 2014

Shifu Yuan Demonstrates some more Tai Chi. The movements are derived from fighting, and although most gestures are slow, there are some quick ones, this is characteristic of Chen style.

Shifu Yuan’s Pudao Las Vegas Chinese New Year 2012

Every year there is a spectacular performance on Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Las Vegas. Asian Culture is celebrated with martial arts demonstrations, Lion Dancing, Taiko Drumming, Southsea Dancing and other exciting exhibitions. Shifu Yuan performs in 2012 with a pudao, an ancient Chinese weapon used in the infantry to cut the legs of horses [...]

Shifu Yuan Demonstrating Tai Chi 2

Shifu Yuan demonstrates some of the basic movements in Tai Chi Ch'uan ( tàijíquán). Tai Chi (taji) training forms are especially known for being practiced with slow movement. Medical research has found evidence that tai chi is helpful for improving balance and for promoting psychological health and all-around general health benefits, expecially in older people.